Hangzhou Yayang Group is the leading cosmetic manufacturer in China, providing excellent OEM and ODM services to our customers.

We all know that being beautiful is an art. Incorporated with intensive market survey and broad understanding of our customer’s business,

LOW  MOQ Customize your own brand at 100pcs only, OEM/ODM Manufacturer, Cater for big volume customer with > 12,000pcs, Supply of Cosmetic pigment, We have own factory to , product high quality cosmetic grade pigment

OEM / ODM Service

We are ready to help you build your own brand cosmetic products without incurring the cost of investing the equipment, wages, research & development and etcs. Now, all this create your own brand can help you make your own cosmetic brand products with inexpensive cost.

We have been working with the renowned cosmetic brands for more than 18 years. Through close partnerships

we are consistently inventing ways to colour the lives of people around the world.