Hangzhou Yayang Group is the leading cosmetic manufacturer in China, providing excellent OEM and ODM services to our customers.

We all know that being beautiful is an art. Incorporated with intensive market survey and broad understanding of our customer’s business,

STEP 1: Customization Requirement 

Tell us your requirement, you can either select our standard formulas or we can customizespecial formulas for you according to your needs.

STEP 2: Products Design & Confirmation 

We work closely with customer on the product design, customer can choose their own preferred casing, shades, formulas as well as packaging design including printing material, carton box etcs.

STEP 3: Products samples confirmation  

FREE samples can be arranged for evaluation purpose. After evaluation, upon received the sample approval from customer,we will offer an official order to customer to make the deposit/full payment.

STEP 4: Products Production & Shipment  

The products are manufactured in our GMP standard factory with good quality controlled. All products are made to order, and will produce within the agreed lead time, once order are ready for dispatch, we will inform customer the expected delivery date and receiving date as well as the shipment number.

STEP 5: Feedback & After Sale Service  

We valued your honest feedback, and we continues to strive better to provide excellent after sale service to all our customers..

Whether you're just starting out or ready to expand a new business or an existing business, our prestige quality, private label formulas with luxury with style and convenient packaging are exactly what you want and need to succeed.


  1. Low Cost – OEM product is less expensive, as setting up your own production linecan be costly. 
  2. Quality Assurance – We are cautiously and very strict when selecting our raw material suppliers, and a professional technical team to provide technical support to ensure the product quality meeting customer’s requirements.
  3. Efficient Services – We value efficient services, customer recognition and satisfaction isequally important.
  4. Highly Professional – Reputable OEM firms, such as YaYang Group, only deal with suppliers that are capable, reliable and highly reputable to cope with all demand. This enables the timely production of high-quality products.

Any Inquiry to Us?

We are ready to help you build your own brand cosmetic products without incurring the cost of investing the equipment, wages, research & development and etcs. Now, all this create your own brand can help you make your own cosmetic brand products with inexpensive cost.

We have been working with the renowned cosmetic brands for more than 18 years. Through close partnerships

we are consistently inventing ways to colour the lives of people around the world.